Chemical Engineering : Process Modelling - Process Control - Electrochemistry - Fire Safety Engineering - Waste Water Treatment

Chemical Engineering : Process Modelling - Process Control - Electrochemistry - Fire Safety Engineering - Waste Water Treatment

Personal info



Sudibyo,B.Eng., MSc.


Place and Date Birth               : Purbalingga, March 27th, 1982

Marital Status                          : Married

Religion                                   : Moslem

Permanent Address                 :  JL. PLP2RP  Transpram II,

                                                 RajaBasa Lama II, Labuhan

                                                 Ratu, Lampung Timur 34196.

Address (Now)                        :  School of Chemical Engineering 

                                                    – Engineering Campus

                                                  University Sains Malaysia-USM

                                                   Nibong Tebal,  Pulau Penang,

                                                  Malaysia 14300

Phone                                      : +60165651468 (Malaysia)

E-mail                                      : ;



Formal Education


1 Des 2007 – Present         :   

Masters Student (Research Mode), School of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Faculty,  University Sains Malaysia (USM), Nibong Tebal, 14300 Pulau   Pinang, Malaysia

Research Area  (S2)              :

Process Modelling on Metallurgy Process

Project Title       (S2)              :

Electrodeposition of Ferromagnetic (Cobalt), Paramagnetic (Tin and Copper) and Diamagnetic (Lead/Pb) Species: Study On Magnetic Field Effect and Modelling Of Growth Fractal

Thesis Title       (S2)               : 

Modelling of Limiting Current and Growth Fractal For 

Electrodeposition Under Magnetic Field


Aug 2000 – June 2006          :

Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Lampung University, Bandar Lampung

Research Title (S1)                 :

Electrocoagulation of Cassava Waste Water Using Bipolar Aluminium Electrode

Final Project (S1)                    :

Plant Design of Vinyl Acetate from Acetic Acid and Acetylene

1997- 2000                             :

Senior High School of SMUN 1 Purbalingga Central Java.



Jobs Experience

 July 2004                                  

Job Practice at PT. Pupuk Kujang Indonesia, Cikampek

March – June 2005

Research in Cassava Starch Production Unit of BPPT Lampung.

August 2005                           

Electrocoagulation (New Technology of water and waste water treatment) Marketing in Lampung Expo ’05 (Biggest Industrial Exhibition in Lampung).

Nov 2005 – March 2006 

English Teacher in Junior High School of Darussa’adah, Bandar Lampung.

Sept 2006 – Des 2006            

Div. Production of Herbalist (Entrepreneur unit of Post Harvest Technology  Department – Lampung University), production of herbals medicine, Bandar  Lampung.

Jan – Oct 2007                    

Chief of Production Department of Golden Sari Chemical  Industry Co. Ltd., Production of sodium cyclamate   (sweetener),  Bandar  Lampung

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